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Miami – Multi & One Page WordPress Theme

Miami is the latest cooperation product by Power Elite Author ThemePunch & Damojo. In a nutshell, the Miami WordPress theme offers a handcrafted, high-end framework paired with a plethora of premade layouts to drive your new website and make your dreams become an option! See our Feature List

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Powerful Options

Miami offers a custom option framework that is easy to use and highly flexible alike. You can define all the bells and whistles of a page or post either in the global theme options tab or individually! This allows for unparalleled possibilities, as you will see in our theme demo showcase below. #### Truly Flexible Grid

With Miami you don’t just have the standard and boxed layouts. It’s possible to define the width of the content column yourself by entering a custom value. But thats not all! You can use the wide layout feature to have the content fill the whole screen.

Of course all variants are 100% responsive down to mobile devices. #### Intelligent Install

Installing demo content with Miami is super easy and convenient. Now you can also decide which parts of the content you want to import, to prevent having lots of things you don’t actually need.

You are guided through the options of the installation process step by step. Be ready and set in minutes! #### Most Wanted Elements

Miami uses the popular Visual Composer Plugin for easy content building and adds a custom set of new modules build specifically for our themes. Most Wanted Visual Composer Addons – Unleash the true power of your website! #### What do I get with Miami?

With your purchase of the Miami WordPress Theme you recieve a complete website building package with nothing left to be desired. Theme Features

Custom Framework 1.0 “Poseidon” Global and Per-Page Options- Site Layout (Header, Footer optional) Content Background and Text color scheme Site Background Image / Color Custom Sidebars Widgetized SlideIn Area Customizable Footer layouts and colors Truly Flexible Grid with Custom Sizes- 1230px, 1170px, 960px, Fullwidth, Custom Width Content Page Layouts wide, fullscreen, boxed, etc. Flexible Site top and bottom spacings Intelligent Theme Installation- Easy Guided Setup with various options Recommended Plugin list with quick install Individually selectable dummy content Superhero Headers- Solid Color, Image, Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, Video, Map, Iframe, etc Optional alternate mobile device slider Optional color overlay with adjustable opacity Optional noise effect overlay Ultra Menus- Fully functional One-Page or Tradional Multi-Page Menus Alternate Menus can be assigned optionally on a per page basis Full Megamenu functionality with widget support Optional Custom Search Overlay & SliderIn Area Transparent, Dark, Light Color Schemes Customizable Submenu / Megamenu Colors Sticky or Regular behavior Alternate Color Schemes for Idle and Scrolled state Retina Logos The possibilities are endless! Most Wanted Visual Composer Addon- A ThemePunch Plugin so far exclusive for Miami Users Adds useful Modules to the existing Visual Composer Module list Additional Modules: Modal Popups, CSS Hover Image, Service, Callout Blocks, Headlines, Latest Posts, Carousel, Image Grid, Buttons, Lists, Price Tables, Info Lines, One-Page Anchors, etc. Based on Twitter Boostrap 3 WPML compatible and Fully Localizable Regular Theme Updates (WooCommerce coming soon!) Theme Support And much more!

Plugins Included- Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin $18 Value - Essential Grid WordPress Plugin $22 Value - Showbiz Pro Responsive Teaser WordPress Plugin $17 Value - Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress $28 Value - Most Wanted Visual Composer Addons - Punch Guider: Plugin Update Notifications

Update -19.03.2015- Update: Visual Composer 4.4.3 Files: miami/style, miami/framework/plugins (folder), miami/framework/themeplugins.php - Update: Essential Grid 2.0.8 Files: miami/style, miami/framework/plugins (folder), miami/framework/themeplugins.php - Bugfix: Rows Show Only Mobile Files: miami/style, miami/framework/plugins (folder), miami/framework/theme_plugins.php

Update -27.02.2015- Bugfix: Page Featured Slider Files: miami/style, miami/framework/templates/header_area.php

Update -26.02.2015- Bugfix: Single Post Featured Slider Files: miami/style.css, miami/single.php

Update -11.02.2015- Bugfix: OnePage Scroll in Firefox Files: miami/style.css, miami/assets/js/screen.js

Update 1.3.4 -07.02.2015- Update:Visual Composer 4.4.2 plugin Files: miami/style.css, miami/framework/plugins folder, miami/framework/themeplugins.php, miami/style.css - Bugfix: HTML5 Playback in Hero Files: miami/style.css, miami/framework/templates/headerarea.php - Bugfix: Modal Window Scrollable Files: miami/style.css

Update 1.3.3 -24.01.2015- Update:Visual Composer 4.4.1 plugin Files: miami/framework/plugins folder, miami/framework/theme_plugins.php, miami/style.css - Bugfix: Metaline Handling (Disappearing Metalines) Files: miami/single.php, miami/framework/templates/metaline.php

Update 1.3.2 -08.01.2015- Update:Essential Grid 2.0.1 , Visual Composer 4.3.5 plugin Files: miami/framework/plugins folder, miami/framework/theme_plugins.php, miami/style.css - Bugfix: OnePage Scroller Files: assets/js/screen.js, assets/js/

Please update your Miami Theme (or the Showbiz plugin only). Showbiz Version is the version to be installed to avoid Critical Vulnerability

Update 1.3.1 -03.12.2014- Update:Showbiz Plugin, Revolution Slider plugin Files: miami/framework/plugins folder, miami/framework/theme_plugins.php, miami/style.css

Update 1.3 -15.11.2014- Update:OnePager Scroll always available Files: miami/header.php , miami/assets/js/screen.js - Bugfix: Import Data with Hover Images, Client Icons Home Grid Files: miami/framework/eximport/import folder - Bugfix: Select self created Pages in Miami Options Files: miami/framework/themeoptions/themeoptionsfields.php - Bugfix: Error Message empty Thumbs Services Files: miami/framework/themeplugins.php , miami/framework/plugins/ - Bugfix: UTF-8 encoding screen.js (in rare cases server could not read screen.js properly) Files: miami/assets/js/screen.js - Update: Version Number File: miami/style.css

Update 1.2 – 07.11.2014- Update: Showbiz 1.7.2 Files: miami/framework/plugins/ , miami/framework/themeplugins.php - Bufix/Update: Essential Grid 1.5.2 (VC Problem) Files:miami/framework/plugins/ , miami/framework/themeplugins.php - Bugfix: Save Process “Settings” in Miami Options File: miami/framework/themeoptionsfunction.php - Bugfix: Menu Settings, Transparent/Solid line File: miami/assets/js/themeoptions.js - Bugfix/Update: Socials in Menu Files: miami/framework/themeoptions folder ,miami/framework/pageoptions folder, miami/assets/js/themeoptions.js , miami/style.css - Update: Mega Menu Example Files: miami/framework/eximport/import/mega-menu-json.php ,miami/framework/eximport/import/default-pages.php - Update: Version Number File: miami/style.css

Update 1.1 – 31.10.2014- Bugfix: Slider Import Fixed File: miami/framework/eximport/import/ - Bugfix: Conflict Modal Window Pages Vs. Essential Grid Posts File: miami/framework/plugins/ - Bugfix: Import Grid Images File:miami/framework/eximport/import/import-post.class.php - Bugfix: Essential Grid Visual Composer Element no feedback File: miami/assets/js/essgridvc.js +miami/framework/plugins/ - Bugfix: Firefox CSS Bug – All links blue everywhere File: miami/framework/themefunctions.php - Update: Plugins (Modal Wave, Essential Grid) File:miami/framework/plugins folder + miami/framework/themeplugins.php - Update: Removed Unnecessary Blog Page Template File: miami/index.php - Update: Included example Child Theme in “All files&Documents” File: - Update: Version Number File: miami/style.css

Upload 1.0 – 27.10.2014