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Quantum is a theme, that combines a minimal modern design with the right amount of features to help you create an outstanding portfolio in no time.We put a lot of effort on this one and we hope you’ll like it as much as we do.

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Modern Technologies

Quantum is built with the latest technologies web offers.While navigating through Quantum, only the dynamic part is loaded, which makes the site speed incredibly fast, and the experience smoother.We Call that an Ajax Site. ### CSS3 Animations

Quantum provides that smooth experience but yet minimal using CSS3 Hardware Accelerated Animations. ### 6 Home/Project pages

Quantum provides 6 Home or Project pages which are configurable independently and you can publish more than one of them.Home Grid with 2, 3 or 4 Columns, Home Full Screen, Home Agency, Home Masonry and Home Gallery are the options quantum offers. ### 100% Responsive

It does its job on each device, as it gets adapted automatically on Smartphone, Tablets and on Large Desktop Screens.Sliders are touch enabled so users can take advantage on touch devices. ### Highly Customizable

Quantum provides a set of options which almost every theme requires, but its power comes from Pages.Each page has custom fields where you can configure each of them independently and built a site which presents your work on the best way. ### Minimal Design

Quantum is built to showcase your works, which means it does not intercept on what you published there, as your creative style is not influenced by the theme design. ### 3 Single Portfolio Layouts

Chose between Default Portfolio, Case Study or Full Screen Gallery Layouts on any of your Portfolio Items.This means you can have a different layout for each one. Place there images and videos in seconds using the intuitive portfolio post custom fields. ### 2 Different Maps

If Google Map is to complex and you don’t like it’s design, than you can use a Custom Vector Map Quantum offers and place there as many markers as you want, if you are a global agency. ### Amazing Sliders

Full Screen Background Slider,Full Screen Gallery Slider,Custom Umbrella Agency Slider where they are just made to showcase your portfolio as it deserves.

Full features 13 Page Templates - Blog Clients Contact Home Agency Home Full Screen Home Grid Home Grid 2 Columns Home Grid 4 Columns Home Masonry Home/Projects Gallery Services Team Team 2 Columns Fullscreen home slider Configure each slide on home individually with (Image,Captions and Animation) Dark and Light skin Unbranded Options Panel Dynamic Page + Post Meta Boxes (Control Your Site on page basis) Responsive Written with WP Debug On Threaded Comments Support Drop-down menu support (nested menus) HTML W3C Valid Dummy Content Included Clean Design All Google Fonts Included All famous social networks included PSD’s included Translation Ready (.mo and .po files included) Child Theme Ready Short-code Generator (Build Shortcodes easy using our UI) Unlimited theme updates + lifetime support Google Maps Ajax Contact Form Rich Option Panel Built with Bootstrap Ajax Loading Site (only loads dynamic part’s which makes theme incredibly fast) HTML5 History Push State (even if user is going through site via AJAX browser history keeps working) Custom Shortcodes CSS3 Animations Filter Projects/Blog posts Smooth Scrolling Enable/Disable White Borders 3 Portfolio Layouts


Changelog 2.1.3 Personal Web Site Icon On Social Media includes/custom-fields.php 2.0 Minor Bug Fixes Portfolio Category Custom Field to choose page template indepedently or a global option assets/js/script.js header.php includes/custom-fields.php style.css taxonomy-portfoliocategory.php taxonomy1-portfoliocategory.php template-home-agency.php template-home-grid-2columns.php template-home-grid-3columns.php template-home-grid.php template-home-masonry.php 1.9 Font Aweomse Updated Behance new social icon New Option : Show next and previous buttons on portfolio pages New Option : Center menu New Option : New blog page New Option : Select Mobile Menu Bug Fix : Vimeo and Youtube video when first inslide iPad problem assets/css/adjust.css assets/css/dark-skin.css assets/css/dynamic.php assets/css/font-awesome.css assets/css/font-awesome.min.css assets/css/style.css assets/fonts/FontAwesome.otf assets/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.eot assets/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.svg assets/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.ttf assets/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.woff assets/js/imgLiquid-min.js assets/js/script.js footer.php functions.php header.php includes/custom-fields.php includes/wpselectmenu_walker.php index.php portfolio-case-study.php portfolio-projects-page.php style.css template-blog-2.php template-home-agency.php template-home-grid-3columns.php template-projects-gallery.php 1.8 New Feature : Case Study Lazy Load Images Bug Fix : Hover of projects on iPhone assets/css/adjust.css assets/css/dynamic.php assets/css/style.css assets/js/jquery.lazyload.min.js functions.php portfolio-case-study.php style.css template-home-masonry.php 1.7.2 Minor Bug Fixes assets/css/adjust.css assets/css/style.css comments.php includes/custom-fields.php page.php portfolio-case-study.php portfolio-projects-page-portrait.php portfolio-projects-page.php single.php style.css template-home-masonry.php template-projects-gallery.php template-team.php 1.7.1 New Feature : Change order of portfolios Projects Gallery Page Scroll Fix Projects Gallery touch behaviour fix assets/css/style.css includes/custom-fields.php style.css template-home-agency.php template-home-grid-2columns.php template-home-grid-3columns.php template-home-grid.php template-home-masonry.php template-projects-gallery.php 1.7 New Feature : Autoslide on Portfolio Projects Layout IE Bug Fix assets/css/ie.css assets/css/ie10.css functions.php header.php includes/custom-fields.php portfolio-projects-page.php style.css 1.6.1 Sidebar on Default Page Templates functions.php page.php style.css 1.6 Minor Bug Fix New Option : Portfolio Projects Image Captions New Option : Projects Gallery Image Captions New Option : Disable Image Resize New Option : Keep Image Original Size on Gallery Projects Page assets/css/style.css functions.php includes/custom-fields.php portfolio-case-study.php portfolio-gallery.php portfolio-projects-page.php style.css 1.5.2 Minor Bug Fixes assets/css/dynamic.php functions.php includes/custom-fields.php portfolio-case-study.php portfolio-projects-page.php style.css template-home-agency.php

1.5.1 Minor Bug Fix WooCommerce Cart Multisite assets/css/style.css header.php page.php template-clients.php template-contact.php template-home-agency.php template-home-grid-2columns.php template-home-grid-3columns.php template-home-grid.php template-home-masonry.php template-services.php template-team-2-columns.php template-team.php 1.5 New Option : Sidebar on each page New Page : Fullscreen Video WooCommerce Ready Responsive Bug Fixes assets/css/adjust.css assets/css/dark-skin.css assets/css/dynamic.php assets/css/style.css assets/css/woocommerce.css assets/img/carticon.png assets/img/carticon.svg assets/js/script.js functions.php header.php includes/custom-fields.php includes/woocommerce-twitterbootstrap.php includes/woocommerce-twitterbootstrap/templates/bs-archive-product.php includes/woocommerce-twitterbootstrap/templates/bs-content-product.php includes/woocommerce-twitterbootstrap/templates/settings.php sidebar-shop.php style.css template-clients.php template-contact.php template-fullscreen-video.php template-home-agency.php template-home-grid-2columns.php template-home-grid-3columns.php template-home-grid.php template-home-masonry.php template-services.php template-team-2-columns.php template-team.php widgets/widget-contact-form.php widgets/widget-latest-posts.php 1.4 Fixed Dummy Content Problem Fixed Customizer problem on Safari Fixed Layout problem Fixed drop-cap problem Fixed Load More problem assets/css/style.css assets/js/ajaxsite.js functions.php includes/custom-fields.php includes/oneclick/demo.xml shortcodes/shortcodes.php shortcodes/tinymcebuttons.js style.css template-home-agency.php template-home-grid-2columns.php template-home-grid-3columns.php template-home-grid.php template-home-masonry.php template-team-2-columns.php template-team.php 1.3.1 Users can upload smaller images in proportion with their container New Feature : Agency Slider Auto Slide Option includes/aqresizer.php template-home-agency.php includes/custom-fields.php style.css 1.3 Minor Layout Bug Fixes New Feature : Automatic Updates New Feature : One Click Demo Install assets/css/style.css functions.php includes/custom-fields.php style.css template-home-agency.php 1.2 Fixed some floating problems Fixed the agensy slider problem New Option : Choose a different logo on responsive New Option : Choose a different logo on Fullscreen slider, since header is transparent there assets/css/style.css assets/js/script.js footer.php header.php includes/custom-fields.php template-home-agency.php 1.1 New Feature : Background Image Option New Feature : Border Color Option New Feature : Services Full Screen Skin Builder Fixed White Header on Dark Skin on FullScreen Service Slider assets/css/dark-skin.css assets/css/dynamic.php functions.php includes/custom-fields.php template-services-fullscreen.php

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